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Paula Fredericks

Artist. Artisan. Photographer.
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About Paula Fredericks and Cornucopia Marketing...

I am an artist, artisan and photographer based in the St. Margaret's Bay area, 30 minutes south of Halifax. St. Margaret's Bay is the gateway to the beautiful 'south shore' where much of my inspiration comes from. ​I am a founding member of the Peggy's Cove Area Festival of the Arts Society which was created in 2011 to celebrate the art of this area with events like Paint Peggy's Cove and the Studio Tour. 

Cornucopia Marketing is a company I founded in 1991 when I began to pursue work in the field of Visual Display/Design/Event Décor. The tagline "overflowing with ideas" was illustrated with a cornucopia (horn of plenty) and the name has been with me ever since. It remains appropriate today as I have lots of ideas for creative pursuits. 

I began painting in 1984, with a Master Decorative Artist who used gouache paints and taught her students many skills. Over several years I learned colour theory, painted dozens of projects and then for some reason set the painting hobby aside. After joining the PCAFA Society to promote art in the Peggy's Cove area, I decided it was time to return to painting as a creative outlet and now consider myself a Nova Scotian Artist. I've been taking part in local art shows and exhibits and have my own display space at home in Boutilier's Point. It is open by appointment. The making of jewellery evolved over time, as I began to collect hundreds of  vintage metal components, thousands of beads, and many focal pieces. Finding ways to bring those things together is a lot of fun. Each piece becomes a "story" all its own. See some of the jewellery. Becoming a Driftwood Artist was a natural outcome of being creative and collecting hundreds of pieces of beautiful driftwood along Nova Scotia's shores. I've been a lover of driftwood since childhood. It finds its way into my yard, garden, home (and also my garage!). I've creative a number of assemblage pieces and also mount some painted work on driftwood. See some samples of my driftwood art.

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